søndag den 8. juni 2008

Let's get this thing started

First of all, just to get it out of the way, YES I am totally addicted to sports and have been ever since the tender age of about six or seven years old.
That's obviously quite a long time ago now and a lot of that time have been spent, some might say wasted, but eff them, watching and thinking sports.

Through those years I've followed a great number of sports.
Some closer than others and some currently not as much as I used to.
Those particular sports that I for one reason or another, currently don't have as much interest in, I still have many great memories of, and definitely plan to write about.
History and basically all the things that have made lasting impressions on me.

These days I mainly follow soccer, baseball, tennis, cycling, boxing, basketball, handball, american football and yes sumo "wrestling".
Now Sumo is really much more than a "just" a sport but I think we'll have to save that one for another time. It's not easy to explain.

However, those are just the sports that I follow closely!

There are a number of other sports that from time to time manage or have managed to capture my imagination, and usually when the Olympic Games come around I find myself deeply involved in just about everything from gymnastics to judo.

Track and Field as well as swimming are also noteworthy and have always been favorites of mine. On World Championship level as well as the big show that's the Olympics.

SO this is basically something I've been thinking about blogging about for quite some time now but since it's something I care so much about and take very seriously I've been quite hesitant to make a full commitment to it. Because I know once I get started this will probably be something I'll spend a lot of time on.
Then again my whole life has evolved around sports for 20 plus years now and I love debating it with people in real life or on forums, so really this just feels like the natural long overdue step.

I guess it shouldn't all be text so, quite fittingly I think in my very first entry, here is a picture of my favorite athlete of all time, who I'm sure I will write about later, italian cyclist Gianni Bugno being interviewed after a victory:

Finally I should say that english is not my first language so when you spot the inevitable error here and there, don't make too much fun of me! :)

Hopefully at some point you'll find something worth reading and do feel free to make comments.

Right now of course EURO 2008 is taking place and I plan to follow that very closely.

So watch out for lots ranting and in depth analysis.

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