mandag den 16. juni 2008

Everyday is like sunday


But I wish!

By the way this should be the shortest entry so far because this is really just meant to stress that for a true sports addict, sundays are simply the best and that today certainly was a great example of it.
AND if this blog continues for a while, which is the plan, it's what's happening on these sundays which will likely be a major part of the content.

The other side of the coin is that you can be,like I am, such a sick addict that when it comes to sports, everyday really IS a sunday a lot of the time.
Not something I'll recommed but what can you do?

Today for starters, we had the Czech Republic-Turkey game which was as an exciting rollercoaster ride of a game as you'll probably ever see. Or at least right up there.
And I'm not sure I'll even attempt to explain how Turkey came back to win that match.
Sometimes crazy things just happen and you just gotta leave it at that.
I mean I still have doubts over their team, though they do have some really interesting, still somewhat unknown, talented players, to me, the Czechs were just in total control. Outplaying them in many ways, and I wouldn't put too much emphasis on how much better Turkey played, or looked perhaps, in the second half.
If Petr Cech doesn't make that colossal mistake we're probably not even having this conversation.

But of course, some credit must be given.
Earlier I thought the Swiss controlled them as well and they stole a win there too!
They're obviously difficult to keep down but if as expected whoever they'll face in the quarters, manage to DO keep them down, for 90 minutes that is, at least they gave us some great entertainment and did not go down without some impressive fight.
Realistically, unless Fatih Terem is right and that they really will get better, they HAVE overachieved so far, but that's still a whole lot better of course than the miserable underachieving of some of the other teams.
All in all, Turkey once again can definitely feel proud about their national team.

See that was already longer than planned. In fact I was planning on a nap.

This sunday an NBA final also happened. Unfortunately the Lakers won but perhaps the highlight of the day was the golf! Yes you heard me! The golf!
It was the final round of the US OPEN and it was great drama capped off with what will be yet another in a long line of classic Tiger moments.

Now just like with the Lakers I almost always root against Tiger but you just have to bow down to him sometimes. What he does is truly amazing and perhaps without any equal in sports right now. He is that dominating.
This US Open he is even coming back from surgery and is visible hurting at times, but yet again at crunch time he is the one standing tall.

It was this long put to force a playoff which when it's US OPEN is on mondays:

Two shots earlier he had been throwing his clubs around. He hadn't made any good puts all day basically, but was there ever any doubt? Not really.
Yet you still can't help being impressed everytime he does it. Confirming the greatness. It will be a shock if he doesn't do it once again on monday against Rocco Mediate.

So will monday be like sunday too? With two more EURO 2008 games, US OPEN playoffs and some baseball... Yes yes it probably will.
And how do I feel about that? Depressed? Like say Morrissey? No, that joke isn't funny anymore...

OK ANYWAYS, tomorrow it will be really interesting to see how my original favorites to win the title, Germany rebounds.
That's something maybe I want to write about and I still haven't touched upon Spain or Portugal either.

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