torsdag den 18. november 2010

The 200 best players in the world


9. December:

Well I'm getting closer.

I have the 300 best players in the world ordered and ready to go. Every player profile has been "transfered" to their new home. That took way longer than I had expected, but now many of them have been updated as well.

Once everyone have been updated The 300 is ready to go and I'll provide the final details. Including some (hopefully nice) surprises.

Thanks for the interest.

I shouldn't say that the list as we have come to know it is dead, but it kind of is sadly...

The good news is though, that it will be replaced. Expanded if you will.

I'm actually not sure what the most accurate description is, just that it has been taken over by something else. Conquered! By something hopefully better. Not least longterm. Something I call The 300.

Well, that's the working title anyway, and it should be just around the corner.

It will definitely be a monster, an almost immortal one even, and I hope to have it up and running in a few days.

And for the faithfuls out there, don't worry The 300 will provide some closure in the form of a full ranking of the best players in the world. It just won't be what I would call final...

Anyway, there will be more details once the whole thing is done.

Therefore stay tuned!