onsdag den 28. oktober 2009

Brief update

A follow up to the season so far focusing on teams from Spain and Italy is in on the way but I want to wait until after the midweek games from Serie A, where especially tonight's game between early front runners Sampdoria, and struggling to find their way, though heavily enforced, Juventus, looks very interesting.

In the meantime I'm working on something as simple as a list! Quite simply a list of the best players in the world. Ranked and everything, according to me naturally.
I'm not sure yet if it will be top 50, 100 or maybe even go deeper than that, but I think once I'm done (putting them in order is the hard part) that it will be something than can help make me update this blog more often.
Instead of huge previews or resumes, just throw an installment (countdown style) of the best players in the world out there and talk about them! Sounds easy enough. I think I can do it (I've ranked 95 players so far)!

2 kommentarer:

Morten sagde ...

Woah - sounds ambitious! Is it gonna be a list of today's players or an even more crazy creation consisting of all-time players?

Stefan sagde ...

Yes current players! Working on it as we speak. Trying to decide a good cut off. Ranked close to 200 players so far!

A list of all time greatest players is kinda boring and done to death.

All time BEST players however would be interesting even if I wouldn't feel very qualified to make such a list. I also KNOW old grumpy people with old player bias everywhere would get heart attacks if they ever saw say Dzeko over Gerd Müller or Pato over Pele etc etc