torsdag den 2. juli 2009


And hopefully this 2nd run will be much longer than the original.

The plan is to follow especially soccer/football season very close but until then I'm not sure what to write about exactly.

Any requests? Be it something current or something in the past?

Right now I am of course following the transfer market which is very busy to say the least, and I'm of course watching Wimbledon as well.

I'm definitely looking forward to the semi-finals tomorrow and plan to write about those.

There is also the Tour de France coming up and while last years edition, following a couple of years in a row where I was left totally disgusted, for the first time ever never really caught my attention, this year the news of Lance Armstrong sensationally coming back has me very much looking forward to see what will happen.

For starters I'm quite sure that he won't suck, he just wouldn't be coming back if he was, but hopefully he will be very good and him and Contador will end up in the kind of drama Le Tour hasn't quite seen since "upstart" Lemond edged legendary patron, and not least his own team mate, 5 time winner Bernard Hinault.

I'm also looking forward to see just how good Andy Schleck will be.

Years ago I predicted he was a future Indurain and at times he has shown that incredible power.
So even if the Contador/Armstrong drama doesn't quite materialize there is still a potential duel between Schleck and Contador that's better than anything the Tour has seen for quite some time.

All right so that's it for now. My favorite baseball team the Atlanta Braves are about to start their game against the Phillies. I plan to watch that, as usual till I fall asleep, but WHILE watching I want to make a list of all my all time favorite people in sports, use it as sort of a check list and then in the future one by one write about them. Cause they deserve it ldo!

And since Wimbledon is going on, here is one of them, my all time favorite tennis player, Boris Becker doing his thing:

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Morten sagde ...

Yeah! Welcome back.

A solid bashing of that moronic Real Madrid-president would be appropriate.

For starters.